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The Brexit effect: how leaving the EU hit the UK.. Financial Times . (October 2022)

Brexit and the economy ..BBC Ros Atkins, on Twitter . (October 2022)

Blogs & Websites

Brexit & Beyond

Christopher Grey, Emeritus Professor of Organization Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London

Brexit Impact Checker

Gerhard Scnyder, Professor of International Management & Political Economy at Loughborough University London

Yorkshire Bylines

The Davies Downside Dossier

The Digby Jones Index

The Brexit Benefit Myths

Brexit Database
This Week in Brexitland



Brexit and Beyond   from UK in a Changing Europe research .. (January 2021)

The impact of Brexit on UK services . from UK in a Changing Europe research.. (December 2021)

One year on—Trade in goods between Great Britain and the European Union . from House of Lords European Affairs Committee.. (December 2021)

Moving On: How the British public views Brexit and what it wants from the future relationship with the European Union . from Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.. (October 2022)

Fixing Brexit: A New Agenda for a New Partnership With the European Union . from Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.. (November 2022)


Brexit Unfolded

by Christopher Grey (June 2021)

Amazon UK Bookshop


Brexit Unfolded is a must-read for anyone who cares about what happened following the momentous decision Britain took in the 2016 referendum. Grey is not a neutral observer, but his analysis is scholarly and balanced. He writes with engaging clarity as he navigates through toxic headlines and political slogans. It will be a long time before this illuminating account is rivalled.” (Jonathan Dimbleby, broadcaster and author)

An absolutely compelling account of how Brexit first muddied and then poisoned the well of political debate in Britain and left us with a reputation for political untrustworthiness which still haunts our relations with the EU. Above all, it’s a searing account of the deep failure of political leadership in our country at a moment when it was so desperately needed.” (Caroline Lucas MP)

Chris Grey has blown away the fog and obfuscation surrounding Brexit and revealed it in all its stark wretchedness. His writing is thrilling; his conclusions, tragic.” (Sarah Carey, columnist, Irish Independent)

Rule Britannia: Brexit and the End of Empire

by Danny Dorling & Sally Tomlinson (June 2020)

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“A much-needed mirror through which Britain and what it means to be British is explored with razor-sharp nuance and detail. The book’s contents should form the basis of the humanities curriculum at schools equipping our future generations with a more truthful and grounded understanding of what Britain really is.” (Shaista Aziz, journalist, writer and stand-up comedian)

“Essential reading for all trying to navigate the choppy waters of post-Brexit Britain.” (Rupa Huq MP)

“Leaver or Remainer, if you think Brexit might affect you or your children or your children’s children, read this book.” (Peter Florence, director, Hay Literary Festivals)

“The single most important book about Brexit. Meticulously researched and clearly written, Rule Britannia exposes the racism, ideology and narrow self-interest behind the Brexit rhetoric.” (Professor David Gillborn, director, Centre for Research in Race & Education, University of Birmingham)

“Absolutely brilliant. Extremely insightful and thought-provoking.” (Dimitris Ballas, Professor of Economic Geography, University of Groningen)

Island Stories: Britain and Its History in the Age of Brexit

by David Reynolds (October 2019)

Amazon UK Bookshop


“Splendid… a clear, well­written and highly stimulating account of the flaws in our understanding of Britain’s past that bedevilled the great debate over the country’s relations with the EU and helped produce the result it did. We could have done with it two or three years ago. But then real history, based on extensive reading, research and the wisdom of a true historian, takes a while to write.” (Literary Review)

“[A] concise, elegant and lucid revisiting of key themes in British history … There is here not history but histories … Reynolds provides a very useful primer on the delusions of an English mentality.” (Guardian)

“Incisive … Reynolds provides a useful summary of the scholarship that has examined the relationship between the four nations in the British Isles … Reynolds is at his best when the narrative of Europe as antagonist is concerned … On the basis of Reynolds’ compelling account, Britain’s future outside the EU ought to begin with an honest assessment of its past.” (Financial Times)

A Short History of Brexit: From Brentry to Backstop

by Kevin O’Rourke (August 2019)

Amazon UK Bookshop


“Crisp, clear and quietly devastating” (Fintan O’Toole, Guardian)

“A handy primer on the events and undercurrents that led to our present discontent” (Stephen Bush, Observer)

“An excellent and authoritative exploration of the roads to Brexit, one that is erudite, rigorous and highly readable” (Tony Connelly, Irish Times)

“Unravells the long strands of history that have led to Brexit and its current complications … he illuminates not only the Irish problem, but the entirety of Britain’s strange, ambivalent relationship with the EU” (Martha Gill, Times Literary Supplement)

Brexit Without The Bullshit: The Facts on Food, Jobs, Travel and the NHS

by Gavin Esler (June 2019)

Amazon UK Bookshop


“Everything a good Remainer needs to persuade the Brexiters, punchy, pithy and short” (Polly Toynbee, Guardian columnist)

“If you want a pithy, sober, clear-headed summary of what Brexit is actually likely to look like, Gavin Esler’s new book is spot on. Such a welcome antidote to all the whipped up sentiment – calm, factual, rigorous.”  (Dr Rachel Clarke, palliative doctor and NHS campaigner)

“In this timely and incisive book, Gavin Esler dispels the myth that delivering a Brexit deal, or no deal, would bring an ‘end’ to Brexit. On the contrary, on everything from trade negotiations to decisions over our food standards and public services, getting Brexit ‘over the line’ would be just the start.”  (Francis Grove White, Peoples Vote Campaign)

“Esler provides the evidence of what Brexit has already done to Britain and the harm that it s causing and will cause, in particular to the poorest in our society. A guide for all who want to understand what Brexit really means.” – (Jessica Simor QC)

“A brilliant demolition of the lies and liars that created the Brexit mess. Should be required reading at his old stamping ground, the BBC” (Alastair Campbell, writer and broadcaster)

9 Lessons in Brexit

by Ivan Rogers (February 2019)

Amazon UK Bookshop


“Ivan Rogers irrefutably makes clear what an oxymoronic fantasy a managed `no deal’ is” (Simon Schama)

“Cuts through the guff spoken by government, ERG, Labour and pretty much everyone else” (Robert Peston)

“A timely reminder of why Ivan Rogers was not tolerated in government and why he probably should have been: clever, insightful, waspish, mordant, learned.” (Tim Shipman, Political Editor, The Sunday Times)

“Sir Ivan Rogers on blistering form, setting out the unpalatable truths of Brexit that effectively got him sacked as our man in Brussels.” (George Parker, Political Editor, The Financial Times)

“In terms of knowledge and experience of the EU, Sir Ivan Rogers is second to none.” (Lord Peter Mandelson)

“At last someone is talking sense on our post-Brexit trade nightmare.” (Christopher Brooker, The Telegraph)

See also: Ivan Rogers on Brexit: the worst is yet to come
November 25, 2019 (public lecture hosted by Policy Scotland)

Beyond Brexit: Towards a British Constitution

by Vernon Bogdanor (February 2019)

Amazon UK Bookshop


“Whether Brexit will finally provide our “constitutional moment” is impossible to say. But you will not find a better account of why it should. Bogdanor’s knowledge is second to none.” (Prospect)


Saving Britain: How We Must Change to Prosper in Europe

by Will Hutton & Andrew Adonis (June 2018)

Amazon UK Bookshop


“Erudite, compelling and gravely urgent, this is a book of considerable political importance” (Times Literary Supplement)

“A book which engages with the big issues of our time. And on the biggest of all – Europe – it is thoroughly convincing” (Alex Dean, Prospect)

“This is a seriously important book that sets out how we can radically improve the lives of people and communities shut out from prosperity – and the reality is that all this would be harder if Brexit happens” (Caroline Lucas)


Brexit and British Politics

by Geoffrey Evans & Anand Menon (October 2017)

Amazon UK Bookshop


“Amidst all the noise, the heat and the rage generated by Brexit here are some much needed-facts, insights and analysis on what really led to Brexit and how it is changing our politics forever.” (Nick Robinson, Presenter, programme and former Political Editor at the BBC)

“Here is the thinking person’s guide to Brexit… All the facts crunched so you don’t have to, it is a trusty book to have close at hand in the years (yes, years) ahead. Tireless referees during the referendum, the authors were my valued sounding boards and, if not already, should be yours too.” (Allegra Stratton, National Editor of ITV News)

Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?  2018 Edition

by Ian Dunt (October 2017)

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“Admirably brief and necessarily brutal… Whatever your position during the referendum, you ought to read Dunt because he is willing to face uncomfortable facts. Highly recommended.” (Nick Cohen, The Spectator)

“Compact and easily digestible. I’d encourage anyone who is confused, fascinated or frustrated by Brexit to read this book – you’ll be far wiser by the end of it.” (Caroline Lucas, Co-Leader, Green Party)

“I would strongly recommend Ian Dunt’s excellent guide.Dunt has taken the extraordinary step of asking a set of experts what they think. I learnt a lot.” (Philip Collins, Prospect)

Brexit Boris: From Mayor to Nightmare

by Heathcote Williams (September 2016)

Amazon UK Bookshop

“Uncovered here are the lies, the sackings, the betrayals, the racist insults, the brush with criminality that should have got Johnson disbarred from ever being considered for high office.”

Also see:


“Absolutely brilliant. Extremely insightful and thought-provoking.” (Dimitris Ballas, Professor of Economic Geography, University of Groningen)


How to listen to podcasts: everything you need to know

Quite a number of these episodes are commentaries on the current situation (at the time), but there are a some which looked at particular issues which are still relevant. Here are some examples:

FT Brexit Unspun

20/04/2018 – How realistic are British Commonwealth trade ambitions?

23/03/2018 – Will British fishermen be ‘sold down the river’ again?

18/12/2017 – Tourism and travel

11/12/2017 – Medical research and the NHS

04/12/2017 – What prospects for UK exporters?

20/11/2017 – What’s on the menu for Britons outside the EU?

11/06/2017 – Britain’s migrant problem: real or imagined?

21/05/2017 – How will Brexit affect the UK economy?

The Guardian Brexit Means…

23/05/2018 – The Irish border problem

09/05/2018 – The customs union explained

27/12/2017 – How will the UK’s tech sector fare outside the EU?

25/10/2017 – What will become of food and farming?

13/09/2017 – How will leaving the EU affect universities and research?

01/09/2017 – Is a frictionless Irish border ‘magical thinking’?

31/05/2017 – What does ‘no deal’ actually mean?

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