Previous Speakers

Andrew Pakes – The Future of Work
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Peterborough
Andrew is currently director of communications and research at Prospect union. He previously worked as a senior political adviser to the Labour Party between 2010 and 2013.
Peterborough Labour … Linkedin  Twitter

Bernard Barker – Education – What is it for?
Bernard is Emeritus Professor of educational leadership and management at the School of Education, University of Leicester. He is also a Trustee/Board Member of the Thomas Deacon Education Trust in Peterborough.

Cathleen Clarke – Wokeism
Parliamentary Officer of of the Young Fabians

Hilary Benn MP – The UK’s rleations with the EU
About . Wikipedia . Twitter 

Dr Martin Edobor – Labour governing in a post pandemic era
Chair of the Fabians

Dr Shabina Qayyum – Lessons learnt from the Covid Pandemic
Peterborough Councillor
About   Facebook

Gerhard Schnyder – Can/Should we make Brexit work?
Professor of International Management & Political Economy at Loughborough University of London
About   Blog    Brexit Impact Tracker

Alexander Naile – COP Outcome, what now?
Chair of the Young Fabians Enviromental Network

Emma Burnell  How Social Media & Politics Interact
Journalist, political consultant and playwright

Dr Nik Johnson  How we have incorporated the 3 C’s into transport, housing, adult education, business and skills
Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Professor Becky Taylor  A Historical Overview of Britain’s Gypsy and Traveller Populations 
Reader in Modern History at UEA

Alexander Naile – Prospects for Glasgow COP 26
Chair of the Young Fabians Enviromental Network

Michael Jacobs – Beyond growth: Rethinking economic policy after Covid
Michael is an economist and political scientist and commentator on political economy, international climate change and energy policy, and social democratic and green political thought.
Michael’s website

Charlotte Norton – Biden, BREXIT and Ireland
Solicitor and a past Chair of the Young Fabians

Sam Tarry A Left Wing Programme for the Man/Woman in the Street
MP Ilford South
UK Parliament

Dr Martin Edobor – The NHS Post COVID

David Lammy – The New Tribalism
MP. Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, Shadow Lord Chancellor.
Parliamentary career, David’s website, Facebook, Wikipedia
Tribes: How our need to belong can make or break society
Out of the Ashes: Britain after the riots

Steven Pettican – The Homeless. Is there a solution?
CEO Light Project Peterborough

Dr Hugh Hunt – Refreezing the Arctic
Reader in Engineering Dynamics & Vibration. University of Cambridge
Profile  . . . . Personal website  . . . . Publications

Lord Kennedy – Social Mobility v Egalitarianism
UK Parliament . . .Wikipedia . . . Twitter

Mike Parker – Socialising Transport Policy
Former Chair of the Labour Transport Group

Leonie McCarthy – The Voluntary Sector in the 2020’s
CEO Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service (PCVS)

Charlotte Norton – The End of Democracy
Chair Young Fabians

Maria ExallThe Role of the Trade Unions in the 21st Century
Vice Chair, Unions Together
Linked in  Website  Twitter

M J Ladha The Empire: A View from The Raj

Alex Mayer – BREXIT Progress?
MEP East of England
Alex’s MEP website    Facebook

George Weyman – The Cambridge Commons
Chair of The Cambridge Commons

Barb Jacobson – Basic Income
Co-ordinator of Basic Income UK

Charles Clarke – A Criminal Justice System that Works 
Member of Parliament from 1997 to 2010
2001 – 2002   Minister without Portfolio
2002 – 2004  Secretary of State for Education and Skills
2004 – 2006  Home Secretary
Visiting Professor in Politics at the University of East Anglia
Charles Clarke’s website

John De Val  – Our Economic State and BREXIT

Andrew Harrop – Social Care & Health
General Secretary, Fabian Society
Linkedin profile

Professor Willy Brown – How China Supports its Workers’ Labour Standards
Emeritus Professor of Industrial Relations at Cambridge University
Honorary Professor at Renmin University of China
Wikipedia   University of Cambridge profile    Recent publications

Tristan Grove – How the World of Social Media Works
Chair of the Young Fabian Communications Network and Press & Public Affairs Officer at IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed)

Matthew Mahabadi – Integration v Multiculturalism
Local Labour Councillor
(You can listen to a recording of Matthew’s talk here)

Fiona Onasanya – My hopes for Peterborough
MP for Peterborough

Alex Mayer – BREXIT
MEP East of England

Liz Knight – Educating Peterborough
Academic Director, University Centre, Peterborough

Tobias Phibbs – Democratic Reform
Tobias is a researcher and assistant editor at the Fabian Society
Some information about his publications

Jawaid Khan – Syrian Refugee Crisis,  the Peterborough Angle
Jawaid is the Community Cohesion Manager for Peterborough City Council

Anthony Lane – Press/Media

Mark Walker – Affordable, reliable public transport
Mark is a transport consultant. He’s the Chief Executive and founder of Cogitamus.

Kyalo Burt-Fulcher – Lessons from Labour’s victories
Kayla is the Young Fabians’ Outreach Officer
.     Labour’s rethink
.     2016 May 1 – Antisemitism in the Labour Party (with Paul Richards) 5 min
.     2016 Apr 10 – Debates the living wage on Sky News 10 min  Follow-up article

Alex Runswick – Labour’s offer of Democratic Reform
Alex is Director of Unlock Democracy.
Follow her campaign on Twitter / FaceBook.

Richard Murphy – Rehabilitating Tax
Wikipedia     Tax Research UK blog     Guardian articles
.     2015 – The Joy of Tax     Kindle edition
.     2013 – Over Here and Undertaxed: Multinationals, Tax Avoidance and You (Kindle edition)
.     2013 – Tax Havens: How Globalization Really Works     Kindle Edition
.     2011 – The Courageous State: Rethinking Economics, Society and the Role of Government     Kindle edition
.     2015 Nov 24 – Keiser Report: Struggle with old enemies of peace  26 min
.     2015 Sep 17 – Andrew Neil interview on Labour’s new ‘Corbynomics’ economics  15 min
2015 Sep 6 – Richard Murphy in Cambridge  13 min
2015 Jan 28 – Channel 4 News: ‘Nobody knows where Apple’s tax is paid’  7 min
.     2015 Jan 28 – Companies have forgotten how to make money  8 min
.     2014 Dec 16 – Mr. Richard Murphy, founder of the Tax Justice Network  14 min

.     2014 Oct 10 – Reinventing Our Economy For People and the Planet  15 min
.     2012 May 23 – Should Tax Be More Taxing?  23 min
2011 Feb 22 – Newsnight covers tax cuts for multinationals  10 min

William Keegan – Neo Liberalism, deficits and globalisation – what freedom do individual countries have in the modern world?
Wikipedia     Guardian articles
.     2015 – Mr Osborne’s Economic Experiment     Kindle edition
.     2012 – “Saving the World”? Gordon Brown Reconsidered    Kindle edition
.     2004 – The Prudence of Mr. Gordon Brown     Kindle edition
.     1992 –  The Spectre of Capitalism: The Future of the World Economy After the Fall of Communism
.     1985 –  Britain without Oil: What Lies Ahead?
.     1984 –  Mrs. Thatcher’s Economic Experiment
.     2015 Jul 8 – George Osborne’s Victorian budget is an assault on the poor  6 min
2015 Jun 15 – Smug George Osborne must combat balance of payments deficit to halt UK woes  2 min
.     2012 Nov 1 – Mile End Group  1 hr 8 min













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