Programme for 2022 / 2023

All meetings meetings are now being held in Orton Waterville Village Hall, Glebe Avenue, PE2 5EN.

9 March – 7.30pm Is it morally right to use other countries trained personnel?

Speaker: Joanna Alston

13 April – 7.30pm “Regional Economics and inequalities

Speaker: Luke Raikes

Luke is Research Director of the Fabian Society


For further information please contact Brian Keegan, our Chair.


Previous meetings this year

Friday 15 Oct0ber – 6pm

Visit to the new Peterborough University BuildingsTour conducted by one of our members, Lorraine Andison.
Venue: University House, Bishops Road, PE1 5BW..

17 November – 7.30pm “The UK’s Relations with The EU”

Speaker: Hilary Benn MP
Hilary is currently co-convenor of the UK Trade and Business Commission
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15 December – 7.30pm “Wokeism”

Speaker: Cathleen Clarke
Cathleen is the Parliamentary Officer of of the Young Fabians

12 January – 7.30pm Education – What is it for?

Speaker: Bernard Barker
Bernard is Emeritus Professor of educational leadership and management at the School of Education, University of Leicester. He is also a Trustee/Board Member of the Thomas Deacon Education Trust in Peterborough.

9 February – 7.30pm The Future of Work

Speaker: Andrew Pakes
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Peterborough
Andrew is currently director of communications and research at Prospect union. He previously worked as a senior political adviser to the Labour Party between 2010 and 2013.
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