Sidney & Beatrice Webb

Beatrice and Sidney Webb (1858 – 1943 & 1859 – 1947) were the most significant early figures in developing the ideas that would come to characterise Fabian thinking – a thorough research methodology that remains a feature of the Society to the present day.

Both were prodigious authors, producing works that provided the foundation stone for much of the modern welfare state.


Peterborough Fabian Society is a locally based group affiliated to the Fabian Society. It has 6 – 7 meetings per year at which a speaker talks for about 20 minutes on a topical political subject followed by discussion for an hour or so.

The meetings are participative and friendly.

The Society does not have policies nor lobby for any particular cause. It provides a forum for local left leaning people to improve their knowledge and understanding about current political and social issues through discussion and an exchange of views.

Membership costs £10 per year for those in work or in receipt of a good pension, £2 per year for the unwaged and donation of £2 for visitors.

Anyone interested in joining is welcome to attend some meetings before committing themselves to joining.


8pm Friday 19th October – Basic Income – Barb Jacobson

Barb is an advice worker at a small central London charity which helps people with benefits, housing, debt. She has been active in community organising since 1982, a co-ordinator of Basic Income UK and Chair of Unconditional Basic Income Europe, a network of organisations and activists in 25 countries.

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