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There are any number of political podcasts and blogs out there – and many of dubious merit – but there are some of relevance to Fabians that are worthwhile following. Locating them can be difficult as they don’t necessarily appear in lists of popular ones.

Here are some that you may find interesting. There’s also some help to get you started if you are not familiar with them.

If you have not listened to any podcasts before here are a few that you might try *:

Who’s afraid of the kleptocrats?: cleaning up corruption . (2 April, 2023)
Interview with Oliver Bullough (author of “Butler to the World”) and Margaret Hodge on how Britain has enabled the dodgy dealings of the world’s criminals, tax dodgers and kleptocrats. Estimates suggest that the equivalent of three times the NHS budget is being lost through corruption every year. 
(Skipping to 11.00 min takes you beyond the chit-chat)

Skipping over ads, etc.
Podcasts often have adverts, but podcast apps give ways in which one can skip over them (or other things which may be a distraction). Podtail allows you to skip forwards and backwards by short amounts, but you can also move the slider to the time you require.

Skipping to 11 min (for the start of the interviews)


 In Conversation with Sir Antony Seldon  . (19 May, 2023)
Discussion about “Johnson at 10: The Inside Story” by Anthony Seldon and Raymond Newell (based on more than 200 interviews with key aides, allies and insiders).  (Skip to 0.20 min for start)


 Danny Dorling and Deborah Hargreaves: Have we reached peak inequality? . (April 28, 2023)
Has Britain reached peak inequality and is it becoming more equal for the first time in a century? Danny Dorling advances this argument in discussion with Deborah Hargreaves, former CEO of the High Pay Centre.
See Danny Dorling’s book “Shattered Nation: Inequality and the geography of a failing state”.
(Skip to 1.00 min for start)


 3 Years of Starmer with Rachel Shabi and Rafael Behr . (25 April, 2023)
A discussion about what Keir Starmer’s leadership means for the future.
(Skip to 1.45 min for start)


* The links allow you to listen with your browser using “podtail” (mostly) but you may wish to use an app with your smartphone or tablet.

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It’s Bloody Complicated
Podcasts from the campaigning group Compass
Listen to with your browser


Politics Weekly America
with Guardian columnist, Johnathan Freedland and others
Listen to with your browser


Politics Weekly UK
with Guardian columnist, John Harris
Listen to with your browser


Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd
Interviews with experts on a particular topic, with some chit-chat beforehand (which you may prefer to skip over)
Listen to with your browser


Rock & Roll Politics with Steve Richards
Broadcaster and author Steve Richards’ take on UK politics
Listen to with your browser


The Long Read
A selection of The Guardian’s long reads
Listen to with your browser


The News Agents
Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall host a daily news podcast
Listen to with your browser


The NS Podcast
Analyses and commentary from the New Statesman
Listen to with your browser


The Prospect Podcast
Analysis and commentary from the Prospect Magazine
Listen to with your browser


The Rest is Politics
with Alistair Campbell & Rory Stuart . (very popular)
Listen to with your browser


The Rest is Politics – Leading
Alistair Campbell & Rory Stuart interviews
Listen to with your browser


Today in Focus
Stories behind the headlines from The Guardian
Listen to with your browser


Understanding podcasts

These links should give some help with getting started:

Although you can listen to them on a desktop or laptop, it’s more usual to use an app on your smartphone or tablet (Podcasts on your iphone, or maybe Podcast Addict on your android) and listen to them with BlueTooth earphones, headphones or speakers.



mainly macro .

 by Simon Wren-Lewis, Professor of Economics at University of Oxford  ..



Brexit & Beyond .

by Chris Grey, Professor of Organization Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London .

Understanding blogs

These links explain what a blog is and one way to subcribe to it (using a blog reader):

However, you may find it easier to use something called follow.it.
If  you give follow.it the URL of the blog  website you are interested in, it will email you each new blog article.












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